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Mission Offerings

Goal: $5 per member

Missions Offering for November 

The November Mission Offering will be for the Society of St. Andrew.  This mission was founded in 1992 and has worked to fulfill the mandate of the Gospel in our lives by striving to adhere to the words of I John 3:18, “Let us not love only in words, but in deed and in truth.”  The mission of the Society of St. Andrew is to introduce people to God’s grace in Jesus Christ through meeting their hungers:

Food for their body

God’s word for their spirit

Community of love for the heart

Opportunity for those who desire action.

Please be mindful about what you can share for this worthy mission.  This offering is usually taken on the third Sunday of the month, but can be taken anytime during November.  Thank you


January                           UMRC Heritage Foundation                  
February                           Adrian College Pre-Seminary Program  
March                             UMCOR – One Great Hour of Sharing   
        April                              Native American Ministries                    
    May                                 Methodist Children’s Home Society       
June                                 Shiawassee County HoPE Project        
  July                                  Missionary Mary Gladstone                   
    August                            Anti-Human Trafficking                        

September                        Homelessness in the USA                    
October                           Liberia-Ganta United Methodist Hospital
November                         Society of St Andrew                            
December                       Trinity UMC Needy Fund                      

"I have shown you in all things that by working hard in this way we must
 help the weak" Remembering the words that the Lord Jesus himself said,
"There is more happiness in giving than receiving." Acts 20:35


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