Our Church Council has begun work to revitalize our worship, fellowship, and membership, including ways to make services more relevant to our lives in these times and restructuring the way we meet our financial obligations.  The primary focus is introducing new ways to fulfill the promises we’ve made to Christ to bring new people into his fold, rejuvenate our relationship with those who have fallen out of the habit of church attendance on Sunday mornings, and working to make Trinity a go-to church in Owosso.

We are utilizing personal contacts with our present membership and reaching out to the community by helping meet needs of our neighbors and friends who occasionally need a loving helping hand through such ministries as being a founding member of Walls of Warmth, our own food pantry, involvement in the United Methodist Care Network mobile food drops, our “A-Bible-in-Every-Home” ministry, and participation in the presentation of the “Living Nativity” gift to the community at Christmas in our attempts to feed both bodies and souls.

We are organizing fundraising opportunities to help pay our salaries, utilities, insurances, and other financial necessities so we no longer rely solely on the gifts and tithes of our contributing members.  Rising costs and waning attendance leave us little choice but to devise other means to meet our obligations.  Please see the accompanying  fundraising information to see how you fit into these plans.  If you have other suggestions and ideas, please let us know. 

We need to see growth in both our Sunday morning attendance and our financial condition before this year comes to an end.  Our current attendance and financial trends will not sustain TUMC.  If the trends do not change, we are at risk of having to reduce staff or even becoming a two (or more) point church, sharing a pastor and identity with another church and losing Trinity's independence.  We NEED the support of Trinity’s entire church community if we are to be successful in becoming the vibrant church God desires us to be.

Please help us stay on this corner; an inviting, involved, loving, and contributing church.  Please do your part by encouraging attendance; being faithful in your giving; supporting fundraisers; and praying daily that we will be able to fulfill God’s plan for Trinity United Methodist Church.

In Christ’s Precious Name,
Your Church Council

I am the Church
You are the Church

We are the Church Together